Our Purpose

  • To provide a secure living environment for homeless teen mothers and their babies.
  • To provide resources for obtaining pre- and post-natal health and wellness care for mothers and infants through partnerships with local community health organizations.
  • To provide instructions for personal development and preparation for adult life through comprehensive parenting and life-skills education.
  • To provide assistance with obtaining necessities, such as diapers, formula, infant clothing.
  • To offer assistance with educational opportunities, future housing, job placement, and employment.
  • To assist with alternative education opportunities, such as tutoring, GED and Job Corp, to reduce illiteracy and dropout rates among teen parents.
  • To offer comprehensive sex education programs that will include topics such as preventing repeat pregnancies, abstinence, birth control, and sexually-transmitted diseases.
  • To assist with accessing other local social services to reduce the stress that is related to infant mortality.