Faith Based

Sex Education

Our sex  education is an evidence-based curriculum that promotes abstinence. In those instances where abstinence is not adhered to by teens we cover the proper use of contraceptives and provide in depth teachings on HIV/AIDS  and STD prevention and care.

Support Groups

Our support groups encompass a concept built around “Can We Talk?” Can We Talk encourages talking to teens about sex, and is for teen Parents ONLY.  We also offer support groups to teen parents (co-ed), teen fathers, and teen mothers.

On Site Referrals

We will refer our teens to services for tutoring, GED classes, clinical services, and housing.

Services to Teens Ages 11-19

· Teen Parenting Classes (co-ed)

· Teen Life skills classes (co-ed)

· Sex Education:

· Support Groups

· Tutoring Classes



· Clinic

· Housing

· Food Pantry

· Clothes Closet

· In Home Visitations

· Transportation