Comprehensive Resource Center

Some of our services are currently available, others are forthcoming. 
Please contact the Center for further details.

Services for Pregnant and Parenting teen mothers ages 11-19

The Hagar Resource Center is a one-stop comprehensive resource agency designed to provide pre and postnatal services for homeless and underserved teen mothers, ages 11-19.

Research shows that teenage mothers are more likely to participate in programs that support their health and the health of their babies if the services are accessible.

In addition to access to medical care for teenage mothers and their children, the Center will offer:

  • Parenting, life-skills, and support groups for teen mothers and fathers,
  • Assistance with returning to school,
  • Tutoring to improve grades, GED scores, and college preparation,
  • Assistance with registering for WIC, Family First, food Stamps and TennCare,
  • Sex Ed., birth control, testing for HIV/STDs and substance abuse,
  • Domestic violence education and other services including: childcare assistance, accessing transportation, dental, legal, counseling, family mentors and employment assistance.
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Preparing resumes and job interviewing
  • Some services will be available to teen fathers.

Other On-Site Programs (Scheduled as needed)

Parenting for Parents

Parenting for fathers “only.”

Comprehensive Sex Education

Support Groups

  • Grandparents
  • Dad’s Support
  • Grieving the loss of a child